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The Atkins Experience

“Always being an athlete and in shape, it was awful seeing the doctor write 'obese' on my chart during my yearly physical exam. I had had three babies by this time and never lost the weight. People were asking me when I was having a baby eight months after I had given birth. I decided I needed to do something to get the weight off ...”

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Ask the Nutritionist: The scoop on sugar alcohols

Q  On a limited budget, what can I do to retain the most nutrients that I can from the food that I eat?
A  The first rule of thumb is to try to eat as fresh as possible. Choose fresh vegetables that are in season. Even frozen vegetables are good options, because they tend to be processed at their peak ripeness, when they are most nutrient-packed ...

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Atkins Recipe Box: Get Grilling!

Beef Stroganoff
This favorite comfort food dish uses a budget-friendly cut of beef. You can easily double or triple the recipe to have enough for another dinner or two or a few lunches during the week.

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Buffalo Chicken Wings
Inexpensive to make and always a favorite, this top 10 recipe allows you and your family to enjoy delicious chicken wings without the restaurant bill and the carbs!

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