What to Eat After a Workout: Low Carb Post-Workout Food Ideas


Exercising regularly is a great way to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, and it’s a scientifically-proven way to boost your mood, too. While exercise in itself is good, knowing what to eat after a workout is equally as important.  You wear down muscles when you exercise, so your body needs healthy food to replenish nutrients, restore fluids and rebuild muscle.

Atkins has plenty of ideas for low carb post-workout food that will help keep your body fueled and feeling great. Try the following:


Eggs are low in calories but extremely high in protein, which is what your body craves after a workout. Whether you scramble them, boil them, poach them or enjoy them sunny-side up, eggs are perfect for building muscle back up after it’s worn down. The following low carb egg recipes can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner:



Salmon is one of the best foods to eat at any time—it’s a super food after all!—but it’s especially good after a workout. Because it’s full of protein molecules that help reduce inflammation and provide joint support, it’s excellent for refueling your body. Here are some tasty salmon recipes to serve for a filling post-workout dinner:


Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

Grilled chicken is packed with protein and full of nutrients to help your body fully recover. The healthy combination of chicken and vegetables will fill you up without leaving you feeling bloated or weighed down. And, chicken is so versatile that you’ll have plenty of recipes to choose from without ever getting bored. Try out these tasty options:



If you’re in Phase 2 of Atkins, help yourself to a quarter cup of fresh blueberries after you exercise. Blueberries, like salmon, are a super food and are full of antioxidants to keep your body in top condition. Pair your blueberries with a handful of almonds or cashews for an extra dose of protein, or try out these blueberry-packed recipes to enjoy after the gym:


Now that you know what to eat after a workout, you’ll be more than prepared for your next trip to the gym! To get more ideas for low carb post workout food, explore our extensive recipe database.              


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