Valentine's Day Desserts: Sweet Low Carb Dessert Recipes


Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day while still sticking to a low carb diet? Baking low carb desserts lets you indulge in your favorite treats without the guilt. Skip the store-bought sweets this year and try making some of our favorite low carb dessert recipes at home instead; whether you’re whipping up a treat for yourself or baking for a special someone, low carb Valentine’s Day desserts are an easy, tasty way to spread the love!

The following low carb dessert recipes are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and are allowed in all phases of Atkins:

  • Mascarpone Parfait

If you don’t think cheese and desserts go together, then you clearly haven’t tried this Mascarpone Parfait. It’s made with heavy cream, sugar substitute and lots of soft mascarpone cheese for a sweet and savory taste you’ll love. Its fancy-sounding name is guaranteed to impress, too!


  • Decadent Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate-lovers will go crazy for this Decadent Chocolate Cake. Made from unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder, this cake is extremely rich and chocolaty without being overly sweet. Top with a dollop of whipped cream for an extra-festive presentation.


  • Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Not in the mood for chocolate? Try out these Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. They have all the taste of your favorite cookies in cupcake form, and are topped with a buttercream frosting for extra sweetness. They’re made low carb with coconut and almond flours, and use egg whites in place of shell eggs for added health benefits.


  • Vanilla-Bean Biscotti

These Vanilla-Bean Biscotti are perfect for gift-giving if you’re baking for friends and family this Valentine’s Day. This recipe uses soy flour and sugar substitute to stay low carb, but the biscotti taste like you bought them from your local coffee shop. Enjoy these with a mug of Mexican Hot Chocolate to warm up on chilly February days.


  • Chocolate Mint Mousse

No-bake Chocolate Mint Mousse is ideal for anyone looking for last-minute Valentine’s Day desserts; this recipe calls for just three ingredients that you probably already have on hand and is ready in just over half an hour! With delicious chocolate and mint flavors, though, this dessert will taste like you spent hours on it.


Happy baking! To explore other low carb dessert recipes to make this Valentine’s Day, browse through our extensive collection of low carb recipes.

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