Maintain Good Nutrition with Atkins' Low Carb Nutrition Tips


March is National Nutrition Month, just in time for all of those fresh fruits and vegetables that will soon be coming back in season. In preparation for nutritious spring food, March is the perfect time of year to make sure you’re maintaining good nutrition through healthy eating habits. Whether you’re trying to stay on track with your low carb diet or looking for a little extra motivation to start the process of eating healthier, the following easy nutrition tips will help get you feeling great for spring:

  • Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and assist with weight loss. Aim to consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. This might sound like a lot, but it’s definitely doable if you start in the morning and continue all day long!
  • Eat a variety of whole or unprocessed foods like vegetables, low glycemic fruits and whole grains (this will vary depending on which phase of Atkins you’re in) to ensure you’re getting complete doses of important vitamins and minerals that boost immune system health and  keep your body running smoothly. Taking a mineral supplement or multi-vitamin can help out with this.
  • Instead of eating a couple large meals at the beginning and end of the day, eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. Doing this will keep you satisfied and energized all day long, and will prevent you from becoming ravenously hungry in between meals. When you’re satisfied and not starving, you’ll be less likely to give into any unhealthy cravings that may hit.
  • Familiarize yourself with nutrition labels and the definitions of different nutritional values. This way you’ll be able to make smart food choices that align with your health goals and you’ll know exactly what is going into your body. Use our Healthy Eating Habits guide to understand nutritional concepts like protein, fiber, sugar and more.
  • Cook at home as often as possible instead of going out to restaurants. Not only will this keep your wallet full, but it will also give you complete control over what ingredients go into your food. If you’re just starting out on the Atkins diet, cooking for yourself is an excellent way to ensure that you’re correctly following Phase 1 requirements. Plus, cooking is fun and will introduce you to dozens of new low carb recipes!
  • If you’re not already on the Atkins diet, consider kicking bad carbs out of your eating plan. Bad carbs include refined breads, cereals and pastries that are highly processed and raise blood sugar too high and too fast. They’re also higher in sugar and lower in nutrients than whole foods. Instead of bad carbs, fill your diet with good carbs like vegetables, low glycemic fruits, legumes and unprocessed whole grains to keep your blood sugar under control.


Celebrate National Nutrition Month with good nutrition, smart choices and lots of delicious, healthy food! Our easy nutrition tips will help keep your body healthy and feeling great as we head into spring.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this Site is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning the Atkins Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. The weight loss phases of the Atkins Diet should not be used by persons on dialysis or by pregnant or nursing women.