Low Carb Appetizer Recipes for Watching the Opening Ceremonies


The Olympic Opening Ceremonies celebrate the many nations of the world coming together in peace; why not celebrate the diversity of this huge event with some ethnic-inspired low carb snacks? From Indian to Italian, you can have all your favorite foods without the carbs. Take a look at some of these low carb appetizer recipes:

1.     Middle Eastern—If you’re in the mood for Middle Eastern cuisine, carrot-zucchini latkes make great appetizers. Filled with healthy vegetables, these latkes will make you feel like you’re ready to compete in the Olympics, too!

Mediterranean/Greek—You can’t celebrate the Olympics without celebrating Greece! The birthplace of the Olympics also happens to have some tasty food, too. Mediterranean-inspired spinach-artichoke dip or citrus and basil marinated goat cheese will keep you on track without making you feel like you’re missing out.

Italian—The Italians are known for carb-heavy foods, but Italian cuisine can be enjoyed without all of the unnecessary carbs. Baked goat cheese and ricotta custards will make great finger foods to share. If you would prefer something sweet instead, try these vanilla-bean biscotti.

Asian—If you’re in the mood for Asian appetizers, Asian tuna kebabs could be the way to go. With tuna steaks, eggplant, and bell peppers, these kebabs are sure to fill you up. On the other hand, if you want to go with a vegetarian option, baked tofu with Asian marinade could be perfect for you.

Mexican—Mexican food is another great way to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies. Guacamole always makes a delicious appetizer. You could even switch it up and have some tomato-cucumber guacamole. Better yet, make this low carb appetizer recipe for chorizo with lemon-mayo dip!

Indian—Soup is always welcome in the winter, especially with the frigid temperatures this year! Indian coconut curried pumpkin soup will warm you up right away. You’ll feel toasty warm while the Olympians parade around in chilly Sochi.

American—Don’t forget to celebrate America! Buffalo chicken egg salad or cattle ranch beef spread are fun ways to have some American-inspired food. Want some chips to snack on, too? Kale chips are a good replacement.


With this list of low carb appetizer recipes, you’ll be able to celebrate the Olympics in a fun way. Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies and happy snacking!

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