Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Your Family Will Love


Thanksgiving calls for spending quality time with family, gathering around the table with loved ones and enjoying delicious food. Although Thanksgiving is known for indulgent eating, that doesn’t mean that you have to stray from a healthy lifestyle. By finding simple substitutions for dishes that are typically high in carbohydrates, you can create a Thanksgiving meal your waist will be a little more thankful for. Start the holiday season off on the right foot with these delicious, healthy and easy Thanksgiving recipes from Atkins.


 Appetizers and Side Dishes

 Many families enjoy appetizers and side dishes while the turkey is in the oven. Atkins’ Butternut Squash Soup recipe is the perfect starter for any Thanksgiving meal. This festive recipe is savory and won’t fill you up before the main dish. For a more traditional side dish, try Atkins Cuisine Biscuits. These healthier biscuits are a delicious and low carb alternative to traditional dinner rolls. 



 One traditional side dish that should be present at every Thanksgiving meal is stuffing. While this isn’t ideal for a low-carb diet, Atkins has two delicious stuffing variations. Try Atkins recipes for Mushroom Stuffing or Sausage Sage Stuffing for healthier, lower carb alternatives at your Thanksgiving meal.  


 A Healthier Turkey

 Whether you are serving a small group or the whole extended family, a true Thanksgiving meal wouldn’t be complete without a turkey.   Atkins’ recipe Thanksgiving Turkey with Gravy features a delicious 12 pound turkey and homemade gravy on the side. If you prefer a turkey with stuffing cooked inside it, Atkins has a Thanksgiving Turkey with Stuffing, which features Italian sausage.



 The most traditional dessert for Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie. Easy to make and even more delicious to enjoy, this dish is ready to enjoy in only 40 minutes. Change up the traditional Thanksgiving menu and try Atkins’ recipes for Ricotta Cheesecake or Cherry Cobbler.


Whether you are in Phase 1 or Phase 4, Atkins offers delicious recipes that can fit into your diet this Thanksgiving holiday!  Discover more delicious and low carb recipes today.

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