Healthy Holiday Eating: Make Smart Choices at Your Next Holiday Party


With the holiday season in full swing, odds are high that you’ll be attending a holiday party in the coming weeks. Whether you’re celebrating the season with coworkers or hosting friends at your home, Atkins has tips for healthy holiday eating that will help you approach any holiday party with confidence that you can enjoy yourself without straying from your low carb diet.

Contribute a healthy dish.

Bringing your own dish to a holiday party gives you full control over the ingredients and cooking method. You’ll be guaranteed at least one healthy, low carb option to enjoy even if other options aren’t aligned with your diet requirements. Use Atkins’ recipe database to find simple and delicious low carb entrees, appetizers and desserts.


Take inventory.

Before you head down the buffet line, take inventory all of your options and prioritize which foods you’d prefer to eat. Identifying items that you definitely want to sample and ones that aren’t as appealing can help you avoid piling snacks on your plate as you see them.


Sample low carb foods first.

Fill up on low carb foods that fit with your diet plan before indulging in treats. Once you’re full of foods that are good for you, you’ll be less likely to reach for higher carb or other less healthy options.


Don’t drink all your carbs.

Filling your stomach with low carb foods at a holiday party is great, but make sure to maintain a similar mindset when filling your glass. Instead of consuming mugs of sugar-laden holiday punch, enjoy a low carb beer or glass of champagne to indulge without overdoing it. Use this easy-to-read chart from Atkins to guide your beverage decisions.


Prioritize socializing over snacking.

Although food is certainly an important part of most holiday parties, don’t forget that the ultimate aim of holiday gatherings is to enjoy the company of family and friends. Concentrate on socializing and sharing meaningful conversation so that noshing on appetizers will seem like less of a priority. Conversing at least an arm’s reach away from platters of food can also prevent unintentional and mindless snacking.


Following these simple tips can help make healthy holiday eating feel less intimidating. By making smart food choices and enjoying the company of friends and family, you’ll be sure to spread lots of holiday cheer without straying too far from your low carb diet. Happy Holidays!

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