Exercise makes you feel good. That’s why it takes center stage in the healthy lifestyle of the Atkins plan. Sure, you already know that when you exercise on Atkins you get more food choices, you’ll maximize your energy, and your body composition will improve, but there’s more to it. Exercise, like healthy eating, is about choice. Combine these positive choices and you have the makings of a healthy lifestyle.

Choose Exercise That Keeps You Motivated and Moving

Give your body what it needs by finding the exercise routine that’s just right for you.

If you’re the quiet type, enjoy the tranquility of an early morning walk.

If you need more of a jolt, pump up your commitment by joining a fitness class or consulting a trainer.

If your calendar is full, check out an exercise DVD from the library and get fit at home before work.

If you need moral support, team up with a buddy to stay motivated and connected.

Whatever exercise you choose, make a plan and a promise to get moving. Don’t cheat yourself out of the workout schedule, no matter what. The plan is yours, so embrace it and feel your spirits soar.


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